Morbid Monday ACT2

The classical Victorian “art” style came up when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, died of typhoid in 1861. From this moment on, the Queen wore only black clothes – simple, but elegant – and influenced the dress code at funerals until today.

But not only fashion was influenced by Queen Victoria: Architecture, fine arts and literature was seen as more profound.

Approximately at this time, the style of funerals changed: the deceased were not buried UNDERGROUND anymore; instead, the coffins were brought to crypts (in the style of Egypt temples; egypt art was very popular) and stone coffins ABOVE ground. In the early era, decay and related problems (gases) destroyed many of these stone coffins, and the myth of undead became popular (later this was solved by little holes in the coffin and a candle in front of it).

Nearly each movie and story with a “haunted” theme uses motives from this period, until today… ?