This time we’d like to show you how we solve the emotional setting of our Silent Gone:
First, we decide whether our character is a passive or active one (perpetrator, i.e. witch hunter, or a victim, i.e. a witch) depending on a web search (based on your geolocation).
The next parameter we are setting up is the status of the character (appearing, walking, standing etc.) and getting his emotional status. Knowing this, we apply our so called “SynaptAIc” algorithm which controls all the movement/interaction and so on.
Our SynaptAIc Engine is driven by both a machine learning algorithm (we used around 400 hours of actor learning videos for appearing, walking, standing, talking, pointing in a direction, and disappearing; more actions will follow in the future), and by Russel’s theory of constructed emotions. Both parts effect a ragdoll in Unity, and all types of parameters which can be defined as a curve (in the example here, the colors of the Silent Gone’s aura).

Next time we’d like to show how the SynaptAIc Engine works with the environment: people walking by, cats, and even cars!
Stay tuned and don’t forget: STAY CURIOUS!